A collection of Android Game Development Bookmarks
Help Resources

Android Developers - Google Newsgroup
The official Google Android developer newsgroup, go here to ask very technical Android-specific questions.

Game Development - Stack Exchange
Go here to ask general game programming questions.

Learning Resources

Android Development Community - Forums and Tutorials
A forum community that contains tons of useful Android tutorials with source code.

Learning Android - Full Book
A full O'Reilly book that's under development and available in it's entirety for free (as of April 2011).

Google I/O Conference 2009
Full videos from the Google developer conference, Android videos are in the "Mobile" section.

Google I/O Conference 2010
Full videos from the Google developer conference.

Android - Google Code University
University style courses dealing with the Android operating system.

Overviews & Postmortems

Writing Real-Time Games for Android
A Google employee called Chris Pruett gives a talk at the Google I/O 2009 conference about an Android game he is working on.

Writing Real-Time Games for Android Redux
Chris Pruett gives a talk at the Google I/O 2010 conference about the Android game he released.

Game Development for Android: A Quick Primer
An article written by Chris Pruett about Android game development.

My Year as an Amateur Android Game Developer
Some sobering lessons about what not to do when releasing an Android game.

Getting Started in Android Game Development
A very basic overview of Android game development by some one who has released multiple games on the Android market.

The Light Racer 3D Development Journal
A blog journal that follows the creation of a 3D Android game.

SDK - Getting Started

Platform Versions
The number of each SDK version currently installed in phones in the wild.

Introduction to Android development
A good introduction to the Android platform including a high-level overview of the platform.

Android Beginners: From Bare Windows to Your First App
Step-by-step guide to installing the SDK.

Hello, World
Google's guide to compiling and running your first program.

Android Tutorial #1: Introduction
A detailed breakdown of every line of code in a basic program.

Application Fundamentals
You should absolutely read this entire document before starting Android development.

Android 3D game tutorial - Part I
How to setup and run OpenGL.

Lunar Lander
A fully working Java OpenGL game (open source).

Using Hardware Devices
Step-by-step guide to running your program on your hardware phone.

SDK - IDEs & Debugging

Is Eclipse with the Android add-on the best option for coding?
Suggestions for alternate IDEs to Eclipse.

Visual Studio Android NDK Integration
Integrated development of Android NDK C/C++ software under Visual Studio 2010

Android Debugging, Visual Studio style!
Use Visual Studio 2010 to debug Android NDK applications.

Debugging Your Android App Wirelessly on an Android Smartphone
No need to physically plug your phone into your computer.

Attaching Android platform source in Eclipse
Setup viewing of platform source coding while debugging.

Debug a Native Application for Android
Debugging NDK applications with GDB.

Get Your Eclipse-Integrated NDK On!
Better NDK integration with Eclipse.


What is the NDK?
Introduction and overview of the NDK.

NDK Setup Step by Step
Step-by-step guide to installing the NDK.

Accessing Android Resources from C++
An example of how to call into Java from C++ to load resources.

Loading resources and assets from native code
A way to load an .apk in C++ and extract the resources.

SDK - Finalizing & Testing

Please store your files in the recommend directory on external storage
Recommended path to place your user data.

Motorola has some decent tools to support Android development
More accurate software emulation of Motorola devices.

Libraries & Engines

Android Libraries
Libraries you can compile into your program to give it more functionality.

Graphics - OpenGL

Tutorials and libraries for OpenGL-ES games on Android
A good list of tutorials for Android OpenGL.

OpenGLĀ® ES 2.0 Programming Guide Website
A book on OpenGL ES 2.0 programming

OpenGL ES 2.0 Reference Pages
The place to go to find more detailed information on OpenGL functions.

OpenGL Mathematics
A C++ mathematics library for graphics software based.

App lifecycle and native OpenGL
How to fit in OpenGL seamlessly with an Android application life-cycle.

Introducing GLSurfaceView
Introduction and guide to using the GLSurfaceView.

OpenGL ES Tutorial for Android - Part I - Setting up the view
Another guide to using the GLSurfaceView.

Graphics - Textures

Simple Texture Atlases
Introduction to texture atlases.

Image Packer
Program to create texture atlases.

Bitmap Font Generator
Program to create font texture atlases.

Art & Polish

All It Needs Is Love
The importance of properly presenting and styling your game.

Art & Polish - Artists & Audio Engineers

Finding artists to help with your games
Places to hire artists to work on your game.

Site to hire artists
A website to enable employers and freelancers to meet and do business.

Art & Polish - Free Art

Free 3D and 2D art and audio resources
A list of websites offering free resources.

What is the best place to find "open" license graphics for your app?
Another list of websites offering free resources.

Free legal art for open-source game projects
A searchable database of free game art.

Free textures
A website full of free textures.

Art & Polish - Leader-boards & Social

Social gaming network for both Android and iOS devices
A library to enable leader-boards and social connections between your users.


Indie Gamedevs: You're (Probably) Doing it Wrong
Mistakes to avoid for indie game devs.

Indie Devs, Please Market Your Games!
An appeal to properly market your games.

How do you market your app?
Places to announce and publicize your app.

Where to promote your apps?
A great list of places to promote your apps.

Looking for a list of places to submit my game
A list of Android gaming websites.

Trying to promote our first game, and was wondering if anyone had a video game journalist rolodex?
A list of gaming journalists.

Recording a video of an application
How to record a video of your Android game.

Marketing - Game Price

Pricing android games?
How much should you charge for your game?

Marketing - In-game ads

What advertising are people using in their ads nowadays?

How would you implement trial version of your app?

Advice on improving ad revenue?

Most profitable ad networks for apps?

What tools do you use to keep your apps' statistics?

A Warning About Admob (an update)

Fair warning to other developers who use AdMob

Marketing - Alternative markets

IGDA about the Amazon Android Appstore: just say no.
Why the Amazon app store is bad for developers.

Audio - Android APIs

Android Audio: Problems, Hidden Limitations and OpenSL ES
Problems to watch out for with the Android audio APIs.

Android Audio: Play a WAV file on an AudioTrack
Reading audio data out of a .wav file for use with AudioTrack.

Android Audio: Play an MP3 file on an AudioTrack
Reading audio data out of a .mp3 file for use with AudioTrack.

Audio - Free audio

The Freesound Project
Searchable database of free audio samples.

Game Design

Hot Failure: Tuning Gameplay With Simple Player Metrics
How to analyze your gameplay.


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